Sales Performance

Shop First-Time Orders

Shop First-Time Orders is a key performance indicator (KPI) that allows ecommerce businesses to track the number of new customers they are attracting. This metric can provide deep insight into the effectiveness of marketing strategies, user experience, and customer acquisition efforts.

Shop Repeat Orders

Understanding and leveraging Shop Repeat Orders can be a transformative strategy for businesses. The concept revolves around analyzing and nurturing the number of orders placed by repeat customers who come back to purchase from your store.

Shop Orders

For every eCommerce business, there is one critical aspect that demands close attention: shop orders. Tracking the number of orders placed in your online store is essential. This key performance indicator (KPI) provides valuable insights into the pulse of your business operations.

Shop Repeat Net Revenue

In today's fast-paced e-commerce environment, it is essential to not only acquire new customers, but also retain the ones you have. This is where understanding and optimizing your Shop Repeat Net Revenue (SRNR) comes into play.

Shop First-time Revenue

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, understanding your revenue streams is critical to guiding your business toward sustainable growth. A key metric in this regard is Shop First-time Revenue, which tracks revenue generated from first-time customers.

Shop Net Revenue

Net Shop Revenue is a key performance indicator (KPI) in e-commerce. It represents the total revenue generated by an ecommerce business after accounting for deductions such as customer discounts and returns.

Shop Repeat Revenue

Shop Repeat Revenue (SRR) is a key performance indicator (KPI) that helps e-commerce businesses measure the revenue generated from repeat customers, an essential aspect of understanding customer loyalty and realizing the potential revenue streams from existing customers.

Share of Paid Orders in App

In today's digital age, the proliferation of mobile apps has led ecommerce businesses to continually evaluate the effectiveness of their app platforms in generating revenue. This is where the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) - Share of Paid Orders in App - comes into play.

AOV of App Purchases

In the digital world of e-commerce, mobile apps have carved out a significant niche for themselves. The average order value (AOV) of app purchases is emerging as a key performance indicator (KPI) for such platforms.