Order management

Fill Rate

Fill Rate is a significant Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in e-commerce that measures a company's efficiency in fulfilling customer orders without out-of-stocks or backorders.

Cancelled orders

Understanding the complexities of order management is critical. At the heart of this is the Cancelled Orders Key Performance Indicator (KPI). This metric provides valuable insight into the number of orders that are canceled before they are fulfilled, revealing potential inefficiencies or bottlenecks in the buying process.

Cancelled revenue

Canceled revenue is a critical key performance indicator (KPI) in the ecommerce industry, providing insight into revenue lost due to order cancellations. Understanding this KPI helps businesses gauge the health of their sales processes and customer satisfaction, and provides insight into areas that need improvement.

Order Cycle Time

Order Cycle Time is a fundamental key performance indicator (KPI) under the umbrella of inventory metrics. It serves to measure the time taken from when an order is received to when it’s dispatched for shipping.